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Hallwood Parish supports both the baptism of adults and the baptism of the children of Christian parents.  If you are a member of Hallwood Parish or live in the parish then this is the right place for your baptism.  If you live outside the parish but would still like to be baptised here then please contact us to discuss this.

Baptism in Hallwood Parish always takes place in the context of a public service of worship on a Sunday morning.  The service can be at either St. Mark's Church or Bethesda Church.

If you would like to be baptised into the Christian church family or would like that for your child then, in the first instance, please contact our Parish Administrator by telephone on 01928 716050 or by email using the Contact Form here, setting the Category to 'Baptism Enquiry'.  Our Parish Administrator will then get in touch with you and, if you wish to go ahead, arrange a time for an Introductory Session.  At this session you will receive a number of leaflets:

  • Celebrating the Birth of Your Child
  • Godparents' Responsibilities
  • Welcome to Hallwood Parish
  • The Baptism Service (and the alternative Thanksgiving Service)

The Parish Administrator will then arrange for a team consisting of two members of Hallwood Parish to visit you in your home.  There are three sessions which covers the basics of the Christian faith and the importance of Jesus:

  • What do we Know about Jesus?
  • The Importance of Jesus
  • The Decision

Each session usually lasts about an hour.  It can be longer if you ask lots of questions!  It is important that both parents are present at all three sessions.  Although we usually like to have each session on the same day and time for each of 3 weeks we are flexible about dates and times.  We would rather re-arrange a session to make sure that both parents are present.

At the end of the sessions the team will ask you to confirm that you wish to go ahead with the Christian Baptism of your child rather than the alternative of a Thanksgiving Service.  In either case a date will then be arranged for the church service.

For the baptism of children, we encourage parents to nominate Godparents to support them in the upbringing of their child.  All Godparents must be over the age of 16 years.  The normal number of Godparents would be three (3).

If you have already completed our 3 week course when a previous child was baptised then we ask parents to complete one further session.  During this session the visiting team will ask how the family has been getting on in their Christian journey together since the previous baptism.  There is an opportunity to recap on the basics of the Christian faith and to ask questions.  Once the session has been completed a date for the baptism will be agreed.

We suggest a maximum of 50 guests at the church service.

If you do not normally worship with us then we encourage you to join us at our normal Sunday services at the church where your baptism will take place.  In that way you will know your way around a bit and you will then feel less nervous on the big day.

Usually in the week before the church service the Vicar of Hallwood Parish will visit you to run through the practicalities of the service on the coming Sunday.

At the church service itself you will be seated in reserved seating at the front of the church together with the Godparents plus your friends and family.  We do not allow photography (camera or video) during the actual service.  There is plenty of opportunity for nicely posed photographs after the service.

You will receive an official Certificate of Baptism.  There is no charge for the certificate or for any part of the baptism.