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Gift Aid Secretary

The Gift Aid Secretary for Hallwood Parish is Alan Ventham.

Alan Ventham

The Gift Aid Secretary organises the regular giving of money either by envelope or standing order which contributes to the cost of running the churches. He keeps records of the planned giving and makes a claim for Gift Aid twice yearly and a claim for the new plate giving yearly.

If anyone would like to give regularly through the envelope system they should contact the Gift Aid Secretary who will supply a set of envelopes or provide details for giving by standing order.  If you pay income tax then you will be asked to complete a Gift Aid form so that the parish can reclaim the income tax paid on that giving.

The amount of your planned giving is confidential between you and the Gift Aid Secretary.

If you would like to make a 'one off ' donation to the church then the Gift Aid Secretary can provide the Gift Aid form for reclaiming tax on the donation.

If you are in any doubt about whether your giving is eligible for Gift Aid, the Gift Aid Secretary can provide information on the HMRC requirements for Gift Aid donations.