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Home Groups

Home Groups are small groups that meet regularly, usually weekly.  Their purpose is mainly spiritual:  to build up the Christian faith of each member through bible study, discussion, and prayer.  They also provide fellowship and the opportunity for members to get to know other members of the church much better.

If you are interested in joining a Home Group then you should speak to the Home Group Co-ordinator.

There are currently five groups which meet in Hallwood Parish.  Here is some information about each of the groups:


The Ambleside Group

Meeting on most Wednesdays at 7:30 pm, we normally move straight into a study course which stimulates discussion within the group. Then there is a time to share any personal or parish or world needs which leads into prayer.  We conclude by the saying The Grace together.

The Ambleside Home Group

Afterwards there is a relaxed general chat over tea/coffee and biscuits generously provided by our host.  We are usually off on our separate ways on foot, by bicycle or by car by 9:30 pm.

The Allendale Group

Meeting, like several of the other home groups, on most Wednesday evenings, the members of this group enjoy varied approaches to bible study, meditation and discussion of the practicalities of living a Christian life. Different views held by members of the group lead to some lively debates! We are always open to new ideas and looking for fresh ways to express the truth of the Gospel in out own lives and in the life of the parish. Each session opens and closes with a time of prayer, and at the end we bless one another by saying The Grace together. Naturally, fellowship continues over drinks and biscuits: a time of planning, sharing and encouragement.

The Aster Group

The Group meets on a Monday afternoon at 2 pm for most weeks of the year apart from a break during the Summer. Unlike some of the other Groups we move around each week in a predetermined order so we all take it in turn to host the meeting. We have four (4) leaders who take it in turn to lead the session and we usually start off with prayer followed by a period of bible-based study. We particularly like the LifeBuilder series of publications as it has helpful explanatory notes for leaders to help us understand the more difficult aspects.

The Aster Home Group

When we have finished our study we have a time to share any personal, parish or world needs, which then leads into prayer.  We conclude by saying the Grace together.  Finally we have a general chat over tea/coffee and biscuits provided by our host and then we go on our separate ways, usually by 4 pm.