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Parish News


The things that considered of great value by man are worth nothing in God’s sight.’  (Luke 16:15)
Stewardship is not just about money, it embraces the whole of life. We have been entrusted with so much – time, talents, material, intellect, spirituality, etc. –what we do with them matters. As Christians we are called to use these gifts for the glory of God and for the benefit of others. The question is ‘What kind of steward are we?’
We may not have the opportunity to change the course of history this week, but we will be faced with numerous decisions to be made, some big some small. Each decision will either take us closer to God or further away. To the God who notices when a sparrow falls, little things matter. Things like how we dispose of our waste, where we shop, where we invest our money.
Most lives are made up of a series of little events. The saints of our local church are the ones who quietly fill the tea urn, wash and iron the linen, set the table, polish the brass, sweep the floors, mow the churchyard, welcome people at the door – the quiet ones who say, ‘I don’t do much. But I do try and pray.’ They consider themselves faithful in very little, but in that very little, the course of their lives is clearly visible and their choice to be ‘children of light’ evident.
Rev’d Ken Davey