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ACTS 435

ACTS 435

"Acts 435 is a fantastic initiative which puts people who are I need in touch with those who can help. It is a very simple idea but a very exciting one! I am proud that the church is taking practical steps to help those facing practical difficulties." Archbishop of York - patron

Acts 435 is an online charity that directly links those wanting to give with those needing their help. It recognises that people want to give, often a little, sometimes more, to people with genuine need. 100% of what is donated to Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. Help with electric or gas bill, uniforms or travel expenses to visit children are some of the many things asked for. How Acts 435 works:- 1. Person in need applies to the local church for help 2. Local church receives and verifies the request 3. Request for help is posted on the Acts 435 website 4. Donor chooses from a list of requests and makes a payment via a secure system online

Advocates for our church are Lynne Percival, Joan Lucock, Iain Macinnes. Let one of us know if you know of anyone who may need the help of Acts 435.

For more information go to the website:-