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Noticesheet extra


Hallwood Ecumenical Parish

Bethesda, Palace Fields & St. Mark’s, Beechwood

Church of England – Methodist – United Reformed Church





Readings for 20 September

Jonah 3:10 - end of 4         Jonah is angry about the success of his mission to turn the people of Nineveh from their evil ways. Jonah wants God to destroy the enemies of Israel, not be merciful to them.

Philippians 1:21 end.         Paul declares that physical death is gain for him, because it will bring his union with Christ even closer.

Matthew 20:1-16 Jesus makes it clear that entry into the kingdom of heaven cannot be earned by works or good deeds. It is solely by the grace and generosity of God.





Hallwood Parish AGM

This will take place on Wednesday 28 October – final details to be confirmed.

Nominations are required for Church Warden (currently Anita Ventham) and Ordinary member (currently Zora Davey) at St.Mark’s and Methodist Steward (currently Sally Hendry) and Ordinary member (currently Lynne Percival) at Bethesda. Persons nominated must be on the individual church Membership list, have two sponsors and express their willingness to serve on the ECC

Names of the nominees and their sponsors should be sent to Anita

by 4 October so that the official nomination forms can be prepared for signing.

Sunday 20 September

10.30am                   St Mark’s – short Morning Worship

10.30am                   Bethesda – short Morning Worship

11.30am                   On-line Praise Service

If you would like to join the Praise Service on Zoom, please contact Lisa

if you have not already received a link by Friday.


Sunday 27 September

10.30am                   St Mark’s – short Morning Worship

10.30am                   Bethesda – short Morning Worship

11.30am                   On-line Praise Service followed by Northumbrian Community A Family Breaking of Bread

(contact Lisa for a link to join in)


Sunday 4 October - Harvest

10.30am                   St Mark’s – short Harvest Morning Worship

10.30am                   Bethesda – short Harvest Morning Worship

11.30am                   On-line Harvest Praise Service

Due to social distancing constraints,

we will be unable to hold our Joint Parish Harvest Service.

As we meet in our two churches, we are suggesting that this year,

as an alternative to collecting tins and packets,

we take a special collection for charity.

It would be helpful if donations could be put into a sealed envelope labelled HARVEST GIFT.


Runcorn and District Foodbank

Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers for your ongoing help.

We are currently in need of:

tinned or mashed potato, tinned fruit, men’s toiletries.

Please consider supporting us financially, as an alternative to giving food, as it costs over £15,000 per year to run the foodbank – food and people insurance, warehouse and office rates, staff and administration, expenses, internet access for warehouse and 7 distribution centres.

Please either email us, go to our new Online Donation page or go to our website for further details


Collect for Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

Lord God,                                                                                                           defend your Church from all false teaching                                                                 and give to your people knowledge of your truth,                                          that we may enjoy eternal life                                                                                in Jesus Christ our Lord.

In September we pray for those facing the challenges of new beginnings

God, our rock and stronghold, whose love is unchanging, we pray for all those who are facing new beginnings, whatever they may be. Surround them with your peace and with the assurance of your presence at all times, uphold them with your power and let your strength be the source of their strength now and always, through Jesus Christ our Lord.                                      (Rev’d Sue Wilkins)

Prayer for family and friends:

Spirit of the Living God, pour out your blessing on those who need your healing touch,

Prayer for local churches:

We pray for churches as they seek to provide care and support for their congregations and communities. This week we pray especially for:              

St Michael’s


Prayer for our neighbours:                                                                                        At this difficult and worrying time, we pray for our neighbours in:

Farriers Avenue, Fountains Close, Gillan Close,

Goldcrest Close, Gorran Haven, Goulders Court


Contact numbers to call if you want to talk, receive prayer or are in need

Vicarage: 01928 713101 or m – 07493853027

or contact Anita at


If you would like to add people to the prayer list, contact or phone to 01928 716050.