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Notice sheet extra including online services & meetings details

Readings for 7 March

Exodus 20:1-17

Moses receives the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. More than a set of rules, they are a sign of the covenant between God and the people of Israel.

1 Corinthians 1:18-25

To the sophisticated Corinthians, Paul declares that the apparent weakness and foolishness of the crucifixion reveal the very heart of the Gospel and the real power of Christ’s salvation.

John 2:13-22

In John’s account Jesus enters the Temple at the beginning of his ministry, rather than at the end, as in the other Gospels. The challenge to the Temple sets the tone for what follows.



Sunday 7 March

(waiting room open from 10.15am for 10.30am start

* Please continue to use the February link to join the service *

10.30am                   Online Praise Service

If you have not yet joined in with our online services, and would like to do so, they can be accessed via a ‘phone link even if you do not have a mic and camera on your computer. Contact Lisa or Anita for details.

If you would like to receive a copy of the service, contact Anita (copies are sent by email or delivered to people who do not have computer access).

Bishop Keith's Retirement Service

Bishop Keith Sinclair will retire on the 7 March after 14 years in post. His final service as Bishop of Birkenhead will be at 3pm on Sunday 7 March in the Cathedral. Due to COVID, attendance will be online.

Control + Click on title above to access the service or go to and click on E-Bulletin

Sunday 14 March

10.30am   Online Holy Communion / Praise and Worship

(waiting room open from 10.15am for 10.30am start)

Let Lisa or Anita know in good time if you would like Communion!

Communion ‘wafer and juice units’ will be delivered prior to the service.

Weekday meetings on Zoom

Let Lisa know in advance if you plan to attend in case materials are needed.

* Please continue to use February links to join in mid-week events *

Monday and Wednesday evenings

9.00pm Compline (join service 5 – 10 minutes before the start)

Music and Praise

 Monday 22 March 1.00 – 2.30pm

Faith and Fandom

Wednesday 17 March 1.30 – 3.00pm

Quiet Space

Tuesday 9 March 10-00am – 2.00pm

Craft and Reflect

Monday 15 March 10.30am – 12 noon


some Lenten ‘Choices’ from ROOTS


 If you can, buy Fairtrade Easter eggs/gifts. This choice will make a difference to the farmers and workers who have produced them. 


Use the time during Lent to evaluate how you spend your time and money, and see if there are changes you can make to reflect how we can think of others in the choices we make.


Choose to be thankful this Lent, remembering some of what was taken away this time last year. Each day, write down something that you are grateful for. Celebrate all these blessings on Easter Day.



Collect for Third Sunday of Lent

Eternal God, give us insight to discern your will for us,

to give up what harms us, and to seek the perfection we are promised

in Jesus Christ our Lord

In March the topic is work among children and young people

We pray for all who teach children about you, O God, in church or in school. Give them honesty, sincerity and a love for you and for those whom they teach, which will convey the good news of Jesus as strongly as the lessons they teach. Amen.                                                                                                            (Episcopal Church, USA)

Prayer for family and friends:

Spirit of the Living God, pour out your blessing on those who need your healing touch, 

Prayer for local churches:

We pray for churches as they seek to provide care and support for their congregations and communities. This week we pray for:

Hope Corner

Prayer for our neighbours:

At this difficult and worrying time, we pray for our neighbours in:

Cunliffe Close, Danby Close, Dunlin Close,

Dunmail Grove, Embleton Grove, Eskdale Close


Contact numbers to call if you want to talk, receive prayer or are in need

Vicarage: 01928 713101 or m – 07493853027

or contact Anita on 01928 716050 or at


If you would like to add people to the prayer list, contact or phone to 01928 716050.