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God is rich in love what does that mean to us? Do we concentrate on Gods grace? Do we reflect on the God we believe in? Does God shine out from us? What image reflects from us? When Gods goodness is known through our actions, they speak louder than our words. God we are sorry for hurting you by the way we treat others. We think of ourselves instead of others, and if we are treated well, and are satisfied. We don’t care how others react to our treatment of them. Forgive us Lord for our selfishness. Jesus said come unto me those who are weary and heavy laden I will give you rest. Help us to cling on to those words and let them never escape from our minds. He also said I am the way, I am the light of the world and I am the resurrection and the life. There is no way to God but through me. Help us to never lose sight through our daily living. Now is the time to lay everything at your feet and not to take anything back. Let your way be our way. This reflection was inspired and wrote during the recent Parish Quiet Day held at the Vicarage. It is a small extract of a larger piece of writing.