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This Week's Noticesheet

Back to School

Some of our members will be back at school this week. Several as pupils in school or college; Lynne, as a teaching assistant in a special school (11- 19yr) – working in a staff team with a class of 7; Sara as a teacher in a C of E primary school with a class of 23; John in the Design and Technology department of an Academy (3-16yr); Penny taking primary school assemblies; others at school gates, dropping off or collecting children and grandchildren. Jesus reminds us that it is important to teach and set an example for our children. Working with children/ young people, at this vital stage in their lives, has its own joys and challenges. “Sometimes people in the class make fun of God.” “Building trust and understanding, getting to know each child with their own uniqueness and sometimes quirky ways.” “At times it can be frustrating/ stressful for students and staff.” “Seeing the ‘light bulb’ moments – the smile is unreal!” “Reassuring those parents who have had a hard time getting to 8.50 on a Monday morning...” Please pray for:  Friends to hang out with.  Strength and patience.  Being open to God’s prompting/ guidance to support others.  Saying the right thing, at the right time, to children and staff – each dealing with their own issues hidden behind those smiles.  More opportunities to share my faith.

Elizabeth Stokes (with help)