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This Week's Noticesheet

St Mary Magdalene
Flying home to NZ is always a very reflective journey for me. It often makes me reflect on who God calls me to be, his gifts and his path. If you read last week’s cover, you will know it’s difficult to go back into a space where people are not always filled with love, where people are troubled and hurting. But just as we are sometimes called out of situations like that, we are also called into them, to be a light shining in the very dark places of people’s lives and their souls. But it doesn’t take particularly special and super-gifted people to do it. We can all do it. We are all called to particular times and places whatever minimal gifts and skills we might have. 
Today, we celebrate St Mary Magdalene. A woman who followed Jesus, supported his work and ministry, she was present at the crucifixion and Jesus’ burial. She was one of the people who found the empty tomb, and the first to testify to the risen Jesus. So, what made her so special? It was just her love and care for other people. She made sure Jesus was not alone, she wanted to make sure Jesus was remembered. She could have chosen to run away and hide but she did not. She chose to be a light in a dark time and place, you don’t have to have amazing gifts with long names, just love and care. Can you be that light in someone’s life today? Rev Lisa