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This Week's Noticesheet


13th January 2019

Eureka! Do you know the story of Archimedes? A king heard rumours that his crown was not made of pure gold, but had some silver mixed in with it too. He asked Archimedes to prove whether it was or wasn’t pure gold. Archimedes loved solving problems, but for a long time he couldn’t solve this one. Then one day, he got in the bath, and there was so much water in the bath that it spilt over the sides. And this made him realise the answer to the king’s problem! He was so excited that he leapt out of his bath and ran naked down the street shouting ‘Eureka!’ – which means ‘I found it!’ (If anyone is interested, the answer was that gold is denser than silver, so a pure gold crown displaces less water than a mixed silver and gold one of the same weight.) Have you had a ‘eureka moment’ – when you suddenly realised or understood something? It can happen in our Christian life too, as disciples of Jesus. Life can be going along normally, and then suddenly – eureka! – we realise that God is calling us to do something, or to serve him in a particular way. Sometimes it happens through the encouragement of others. Sometimes it comes as a thought we simply can’t shift from our minds; that nags us, generally at inconvenient moments. Sometimes it comes from a newspaper, TV or radio item. Sometimes it may even come from a sermon, or the front of the notice sheet! For Jesus, such a moment seemed to come at his baptism. This marked a complete change in his life; truly a eureka moment. How do we respond to such a moment – in ourselves, or in others? Let’s look hard for eureka moments in our parish in 2019.

Penny Hennessey