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This Week's Noticesheet

Standing up for Jesus…
In today's reading from the Book of Acts, we hear Peter telling the people that they had rejected Jesus. They handed him over to the authorities and in the presence of Pilate chose a murderer to be set free, instead of Jesus. 
How often have we rejected Jesus through our own fears and ignorance of his plans? How often have we missed the opportunities that he has given us to serve?
It is only through our own willingness to accept these opportunities and paths placed before us that we can truly follow in his footsteps. We must remember that God is with us always and he wants us to continue moving forward toward him. God makes the offer, we can choose to accept.
The good news is that even when we turn our faces away from God, He is there waiting right next to us, longing for us to turn back towards Him. Even when we get it wrong we are continually accepted by him. This allows us to carry on striving to be more like him.
So, let our response be - please God give us more opportunities to accept, rather than reject, your love and will for us.
Colin (Roberts) and Iain (MacInnes)