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Parish Treasurer

The Treasurer of Hallwood Parish is Michael Hennessey.

His job is to manage all the income and expenditure of the parish.  This involves recording all the money that is paid in through Giving Envelopes, standing orders and in collections at services.  Expenditure across the parish for the buildings, administration, to our denominational partners and to mission locally and worldwide is managed by the Treasurer.  The financial annual report is prepared, audited and presented at the AGM each year.

He is assisted by members of both congregations who count the money in the collection plate and pay in at the bank each week.

The Gift Aid Secretary rather than the Treasurer deals with the process of claiming back tax back from HMRC.

The Treasurer works with the Finance Committee in the autumn of each year to prepare a draft budget for the following financial year.

Please contact the Treasurer for information about giving regularly by Standing Order or envelopes.