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Mission Giving



Mission Giving

In December, we sent £200 to each of the following charities: Chifundo, Mercy Ships UK, Mission India, Prison Fellowship and World Vision UK.

We have received letters of thanks, which we will be sharing in the coming weeks:

Chifundo UK ‘Thank you for the very generous donation of £200 for the work of Chifundo in Malawi. It will be very useful in paying for ladies to attend sewing courses, paying the rents on the sewing rooms, and for our work in schools providing needy girls with washable sanitary products.’ Having spent just over 2 weeks in Malawi in September, during which time she ran a workshop and taught some of the ladies how to make some new products, Lynn Walton wrote: ‘Our 5 groups of ladies had one of their 6-monthly meetings. They have started a saving cooperative where they save a small amount each week and then can borrow money on a short term loan to buy materials, for example. Our biggest new project is the Lotus Project where our ladies make washable sanitary products (which they are paid to make) and then they are given in packs to needy schoolgirls in the rural areas who have no access to such things. The girls also receive training on menstrual issues from a team of our ladies. The aim is for the girls to miss less school. Visiting schools was a real eye opener for me. The classrooms have benches and desks but no books, paper or pens. Most of the teaching is rote learning and children have to provide their own exercise books and pens which is hard if the family has no money. Everyone was very welcoming and the girls liked their packs, especially the new panties they also received! I was also able to help sort out the annual financial accounts at the Malawi end, although it did involve a lot of work by torchlight!’

 Mercy Ships
I want to thank you for your kind donation of £200.00, this will change lives.
May I take this opportunity to welcome you as a Partner Church! We want to support and serve you in every way possible.  If you visit you’ll find church resources including a home group devotional. You’ll also find our Bible Reading Plans for your smartphone – simply search the Bible app for ‘Mercy Ships’.
Your generosity will provide urgent care for patients like Salamatou and Mariama, whose legs were so twisted they’d never been able to leave their village and going to school was painful and difficult. Kind and compassionate donors like you delivered the operations they needed, returning hope. Now they have a bright future once more. Your support will help transform thousands of lives through free surgery. Your support will help train and mentor local medical staff and effect tangible, sustainable change long after Mercy Ships have left. 2/3 people have no access to safe, affordable surgery. You can change these terrible odds.
Thank you once again for your support and prayers